The Lefaivre Lions Club was created on May 26 1979 and at that time had a membership comprised of 35 members. Our club was sponsored by the Vankleek Hill Lions Club and was recognized by Lions Club International at that time. We are part of the District A4 Lions Club.

The Lionism motto is “We Serve”. Our club dedicates itself to know what our community’s needs are and to find ways to provide funds or services for those needs. We pride ourselves on responding efficiently to the requests for help whether it be by helping out physically or financially. The Lefaivre Lions Club has responded and will continue to respond to requests for help as we have in the past, by purchasing eyeglasses, hearing aids, orthopedic devices, wheel chairs, used and new winter clothing for the needy, as well as food baskets for those who require assistance to feed their families. We also provide financial assistance to numerous clubs and organizations that require our help in their quest to provide help and services in their own way.

At Christmas time, the Lefaivre Lions Club attends the “Mon Chez Nous” retirement home along with Santa Claus to bring gifts and to provide a Christmas Party atmosphere. Some of the members of the Lefaivre Lions Club are musicians, thereby providing live music as entertainment.

Santa also visits the homes of all pre-school children in our community. He brings each child a gift and receives many smiles in return.

A few of the great realizations the Lefaivre Lions Club has accomplished over the years are five editions of the “Festival des Mangeux de M’lasse. This event attracted thousands of people to see some of the greatest names in the entertainement industry at that time. Another great feat the Lefaivre Lions Club accomplished was the making of the World’s Largest Pancake. This was done on June 26 1988. Thisccomplishement gave the Lefaivre Lions Club the title for the world’s largest pancake by the Guinness World Records organization.

The pancake was sold by the piece and profits were donated to the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario.

The Lefaivre Lions Club, has for the past 35 years, organized a ball tournament which is attended by various organizations and companies playing for the prestigious title for being the best team during the weekend event.

Since 1993, the Lefaivre Lions Club has organized an annual Open Bass Tournament. From 16 teams in 1993 to 110 teams in 2006, this tournament has become one of the largest tournament in Ontario if not Canada. Anglers come from Ontario, Quebec, and also from the Northern States.

Here are more events the Club has participated in or organized in the past:

  • draw for an all terrain vehicle in 1983
  • draw for $10,000.00 from 1986 to 1988
  • draw for an automobile in 1989
  • organized the annual winter carnival for several years
  • horse pulls
  • bed races
  • annual street dance to assemble community members for a good time
  • promotes “drug free” program at our local elementary school
  • provided physical and financial assistance in opening a youth centre
  • provided a “child identity” program at the local school
  • gift distribution for all the Lefaivre parish’s pre-schoolers

Santa arriving at the “Mon Chez Nous” seniors residence!

The largest pancake in the world was cooked on a wood fire in June 1988.